Bamboo Living Ultra Soft Silky Rich Printed Bamboo 3 Pieces Duvet Cover Set with 2 Pillow Shams, Light Floral Pattern Pink Green Color Double/Full Size

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Color: Light Floral  |  Size: Double/Full

Size and Matching Shams
Twin Size - 1 Piece 64-by-88 Inch Duvet Cover and 1 Piece 21-by-32 Inch Sham
Double/Full Size - 1 Piece 78-by-88 Inch Duvet Cover and 2 Piece 21-by-32 Inch Shams
Queen Size - 1 Piece 88-by-92 Inch Duvet Cover and 2 Piece 21-by-32 Inch Shams
King Size - 1 Piece 104-by-92 Inch Duvet Cover and 2 Piece 21-by-40 Inch Shams

Soft and Breathable
Our Classic Soft and Silky 3 Piece Duvet Cover Set is Designed with Your Comfort in Mind. Made of Finest Double Brushed Microfiber with Bamboo Yarns. This Ultra-Soft Set has a Plush Texture and could be Cleaned Quickly and Conveniently Through Machine Wash. This Duvet Cover Provides a Cool and Soft Sleeping Surface.

Eco Friendly and Bamboo
Bamboo is Naturally Breathable and Wicks Moisture Away. It is Softer and More Absorbent than Cotton and a Preferred Fabric for Products Touching the Skin. It is Super Soft, Silky Plush Feel, Comfortable Bamboo Surface.
Environmentally Friendly: Bamboo Fabric is One of the Most Ecological Products in the World Today. Bamboo is 100% Bio-Degradable. Bamboo Fiber can be Kept after Repeated Washing.
Reduces Carbon Dioxide Buildup: According to the Environmental Bamboo Foundation (EBF), Bamboo's Growth Habits Allow It to Produce more Oxygen than Equivalent Stands of Trees. This Aspect Holds Significant Implications for the Reduction of Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide. The Greenhouse Gas and a Major Environmental Issue Today. Harvesting of Bamboo is Frequent Since It Reaches Maturity within 3-4 Years, and New Shoots Appear Regularly and in Great Numbers. Replenishment and Regrowth are Quite Fast and Efficient Comparison to Tropical Timber Trees. Also, Bamboo Produces More Cellulosic Material per Acre than Southern Pine Wood. Bamboo is a More Sustainable Resource than Tropical Timber Trees.